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Q: What is the main added value offered by OMI and its platform?
A: OMI is one of the first and few technology companies with a doctor as its founder. Most applications and platforms in the market are created by people from diverse professions who do not belong to the health sector. This means that these applications do not include the vision and needs of the doctor, resulting in an app that is difficult to operate by doctors. Therefore, OMI’s first and foremost strength is that it is a platform for doctors created by a doctor to centralize administrative and clinical information regarding patients. Since patients own their clinical information, OMI makes their files transferable to other platforms, giving doctors access to a patient’s personalized and real-time information. Patients, however, still own and manage their data freely.

Q: What complications can arise from applications that do not consider the doctor’s needs?
A: A patient’s medical evaluation is based not only on a physical examination but on the conversation with the patient, from which doctors can glean relevant information about the patient’s lifestyle. When an application does not consider the doctor, it forgets to include aspects and observations that are key to a correct diagnosis. This translates to a treatment that can be detrimental to patients’ health.

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